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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 5, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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the southbound lane autos his beat partner told him he was going to conduct a traffic stop. on a green jeep wrangler. for... having an obstructed license plate. >> the driver of the jeep was a 36-year-old christopher lacey. sheriffs spokesman jimmy lee would not say how he obstructed the plate. the officer just pulled up to the shoulder and got out of the car. >> officer youngstorm apparently districts the jeep to pull in behind his vehicle z the second officer initiates a stop behind the jeep wrangler. >> the jeep is now sandwiched between two patrol cars. officer youngdrom strom goes to the driver's side of the jeep. the dash board camera on his partner's car records what happened next. >> this is a short conversation. then, without warning, lacey pull pulled out a gun and shot officer youngstorm in the head. his partner approaching from the rear heard the gunshot.
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saw his partner go down. withdrew his service weapon. and shot at the jeep. striking lacey critically. >> other units and emergency crews responded. the two taken to john muir hospital, where lacey died. the chp closed the freeway. investigators began work examining the jeep. >> inside of the vehicle they found a loaded semi auto hand gub in addition to two loaded magazines. >> and there is a growing tributes as the investigation continues and still, a big unanswered questions. what was the motive? why did? vic lee. >> and there is a lot more and yesterday, a 36-year-old
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former sausalito resident in sacramento. >> people really come here to get away from it all. and neighbors say that is what chris lacey did. he left the bay area after learning -- earning a master's degree and working in computer tech molg. neighbors tell me that job brought chris lacey back yesterday to contra costa county. >> chris is very sorry for what he did, i'm sure. but that is not going bring the patrolman back to duty. >> swrim is the only neighbor on stage coach road who really got to know chris lacey. >> he never wanted to be around a lot of people. he would wave and jogged a lot but he didn't want to associate. >> the 37-year-old didn't attract a lot of attention in the year and a half since buying this property in a
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rural area of corning. neighbors say if lacey wasn't up late at night working on a computer he was out in the garden, where he planted his own vegetables and sunflowers. >> he's gone but in my mind he's still over there because i can see him working this that yard, so. >> the same yard where 9:30 last night officers served a search warrant. >> they broke. place down. they went in. >> jerry ward took these photos and. >> i was just from the corner he had up in the trees he had a gun a shotgun aimed at the house, we thought oh, god he's in there. but in the end he wasn't. >> chris lacey had been pronounced dead hours earlier. >> he was a good man, now, he's dead. hopefully patrolman will make it back. i just, that is all i can say. you know? other than god is with him.
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>> and that neighbor you just heard from, jim, told me yesterday morning at 5:00 a.m. he saw chris lacey pull out of his driveway in the black jeep to go to his new job in the bay area. >> and there is no change for the wounded officer who is still on life support. there is no real hope he will survive. leslie brinkley is live at john muir medical center in walnut creek. >> and that is exactly right. and there was a wound that receivered his spinal cord. i can tell you all day long and continuing now, chp officers and colleagues are filing into the hospital and this is to pay a visit. officer youngstorm is still alive right now on life support in critical condition.
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family and friends are gathering to talk with doctors about when he may be taken off of life support. the officer lives in fairfield with his wife and four children, maybes -- neighbors say he was just a great guy. >> he was a great dad, always outside playing with kids. and was playing with my brother and just always involved with family and just great. a great man. it's so sad. >> that neighbor told a story to say that he would -- they called him to check out a noise at their house. he went to the house and they said he was just that kind of a man. the officer clings to life here at john muir medical center. not good news at this hour. many chp officers and family and friends are gathering here at the hospital. reporting live in walnut creek, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much.
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and the outpouring of support is so heart warming and many, many people wishing him well on our facebook page. take a look this, is kathy says my heartaches for family and friends, thank you for keeping all of us safe here in alamo. and then, there is this from sue. i hope everyone's support and strength are felt by the officer, family and law enforcement family. and you can give your thoughts on and officer's community is organizing a vigil tonight at 7:30 at oak brook elementary school at 700 oak brook drive in core deala. this information is posted online for you at abc 7 >> there is is a police chief faced news cameras. the family says police had no reason to shoot. the chief says his man fired when they saw a gun sunday
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morning. the chief says his officers came upon roamero and a friend in the car in 4:00 in the morning they ordered both men out of the car, police say he reached for a gun and officers fired 30 rounds in self-defense. >> i think that this amount of shots they take are into officer's perception. >> they shot my son execution style. >> police say the gun he was carrying was a replica. she showed us a replica. the real one is on the left. family members denying he had a gun, real or fake. >> and thunder and lightning strikes are hitting close to home tonight and sandhya patel is tracking it for us on live doppler 7 hd. >> this is is what this looks like. as you look here, there is
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becoming moister and active over 300 lightning strikes were reported from the bay area to the sierra this afternoon from this morning and taking in closer here in the south bay, we're seeing a few showers developing here as you can see here. and we'll take you down towards santa cruise mountains. here in yellow. indicating possibility of lightning there. there is a what it looks like in the east bay around livermore valley we can see sprinkles and we have been tracking lightning strikes around the north bay just light showers but looping in taking you back about an hour or two, we're seeing lightning strikes just west of point reyes. we still have isolated thunderstorms in the forecast for tonight. red flag warning going into 11:00 a.m. thursday for north bay valleys and mountains. there is a cloud to ground
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lightning strike was gusty winds and fair fire danger is running high. i'll let you know when the thunderstorm threat will end. >> thank you. >> and there is a new twist in the personal saga of nada lockyear. the former alameda county supervisor arrested in orange county last week on felony drug charges. she faces child abuse and endangerment charges because police say they found meth paraphernalia in the room she was sharing with her son. she resigned after it came out she had an affair and a drug problem and tonight is the second night of the democratic national convention featuring one of the party's brightest stars. mark matthews is live tonight in charlotte, north carolina. they can't wait for the speech. >> as you know, these
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conventions are scripted to build to a crescendo. last night, michelle obama got it started and tonight, bill clinton expected to build on the enthusiasm. >> thank you. >> he's one of the most popular democrats and tonight, bill clinton will be called on to rally the party faithful. >> and there is a record second to none. he's a credible messenger. >> the obama campaign hopes the speech can pull in voter who's may not be sold on the president right now, but aren't quite ready to make the switch to mitt romney. president obama and clinton had a rocky history, clashing the 2008 democratic primary race but with lowest preconvention popularity of any incumbent the current president could use the former's help. clinton stars in a new ad running in battle ground states. >> president obama has a plan to rebuild america from the ground up. we need to keep going his
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plan. >> officials say the speech will remind americans of the thriving economy during his administration, and how democratic policies can bring back prosperity. but does the obama campaign run a risk with that trip down memory lane? >> the danger is that a lot of people might wish bill clinton were president again. because after all, things were a whole lot better when he was president then they are today. >> chicago mayor rahm emmanuel disagree autos former president is very popular. he will talk and explain about the policies and parallel tracks the two have had. i think he can do nothing but help. >> president clinton will take the stage tonight at 7:30 pacific time, ten, coming up at 6:00 we want to tell you about other big stories of the day. you know tomorrow, when president obama takes the stage it's supposed to be not here, but a few blocks from
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here at the carolina panthers outdoor football stadium. holds 73,000 people. today, they cancelled plans for that. thousands, tens of thousands are being turned away. the story coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. mark matthews abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. >> and coming up, from 7 on your side's michael finney, banking season. >> and california teachers getting huge pay raises to boost pension autos and why america's love affair with smart phone apps may
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state controller just released a review on a practice called pension
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spiking. and and they found california state university retirement system failed to curb a controversial tax-payer subsidized practice when workers get a huge boost in pay before retirement so salary used to calculate pension checks for the rest of their lives includes the late raise. the controller likens it to public theft. >> it increases the amount that is paid out over the course of a person's retirement. and may not be reflective of how much they earn. and and having sending it to san francisco unified. six months before retiring. there is electronic methods that can detect large raises but doesn't follow up to question execkive pay back. >> it's ridiculous to me. >> this mother of 14, because
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of cuts, parents have to buy basics. now to hear of money going to pension spiking instead of classrooms laurie is furious. >> sad they can go home and live with themselves they know they're taking from children. >> the fund says they've made changes to prevent pension spiking in a staichl the ceo said in instances of abuse, they responded by reducing benefits to the appropriate levels and collecting overpayments. just last woke the legislature approved pension reforms that reduced the taxpayer burden. >> nobody in the public sector can base their pension on six months of a raise or one year of a raise. >> they will now focus on cal pers to see if any spiking akuss go on, there.
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>> a good percentage of americans having second thoughts about cell phone privacy. according to a new pew study 30% of the smart phone owners sometimes turn off their gps apps that keep track of where you are. and there is 30% report deleting an app after finding out how much information is collected about them. 54% decided not to install one to begin with. 48% own a smart fob. >> and you don't want to know where you are every second of the day, right sf. >> and there is a new report saying more families can not afford a basic checking akt. >> there is michael finney with today's consumer news. >> the report says a basic bank account gets this, costs up to $144 per year. that doesn't include extras
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like overdraft fees. the report says using a debit card is more expensive for struggling families. banks charge up to $12 per month. and there are customers only avoiding fees if they keep a minimum balance. the report says many wind up closing their bank accounts. and says fees makeup for lost revenue and says a checking akt costs only $3 per month. >> the state of california reached another first. this summer we became the nuchl one solar energy producer in the nation. this is way cool. the state produced a thousand megawatts of solar energy on two of the hottest days this summer. there is a thousand with a record amount for california. more than any other state, ever. the california public
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utilities commission says this is only the beginning. >> there is now coming on like gang busters. by the end of the decade, most dominant in california will be solar. >> the state school is to harness renewable resources and looks like we're going to do it. >> and there is plenty of solar out there today. >> there is sandhya patel here with the forecast. >> and there is that same sun did destabilize the thunderstorm. there is a live picture of clouds up above. it's trop call moisture, we've had thunderstorms this afternoon roll through the area towards san jose area. there is some clouds, partly
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sunny skies and high temperatures in san jose 75 degrees, we've been getting reports check out live doppler 7 hd of rain drops. we've had lightning strikes as well. there activity going on over towards east of sacramento and stockton area there are numerous strikes so this is an unstable atmosphere, watch the moisture across santa krudz mountains and working up towards san jose area. that is where we saw thunderstorms. taking you down the street level now going towards east bay in san ramone around 680. there are showers so be careful out there. air mass is still dry. you'll notice here up towards
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north bay very light showers. heelsburg area possibly springels. this is moisture we're watching there are strikes just off the coastline. temperatures now into 50s and all the way to 80s, numbers so far this afternoon on the high end mid-80s so cooler compared to yesterday. there are thunderstorms clearing out and a mild pattern friday through sunday, tomorrow morning temperatures into 50s and 60s, we'll see phone shall there still, early in the morning for rain drops as i show you this is remnants of tropical storm john, once tropical storm that. is the moisture heading into southern california they're getting rain drops there and we're seeing some of the moisture into the bay area as an area of low pressure just lifting through. isolated thunderstorms tonight. we can see rain drops heading into wee hours of the morning.
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into thursday it's looking like a drier more stable atmosphere. there is 65 in san francisco. warm inland, upper 80s. there is 63 inmont rai. accu-weather forecast, looks like this. upper 50s to upper 80s testimony, there is a slight risk ending after the latter part of the morning. cooler forecasts only mid-80s inland and there is temperatures rebounding back to normal patterns for the weekend. and there is mid-80s inland and stable atmosphere for weekend plans. >> there is a lot of star power concerning a health
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in sacramento today actor rob snyder bringing his star power to bring attention to a childhood vaccine vil bill, she your honoring the governor to veto the bill requiring parents to meet with the doctor before exempting their child from requirements to talk about the pros and could be cons but the actor calls it a parental rights issue saying parents should should not be required to jump through another hoop. health experts warn about the danger posed by not having children vaccinated. >> some of the silicon valley biggest companies behind a big expansion of the sek harvest food bank. the organization opened in north san jose today. the 75,000 square foot building was donated by cypress semi conductor. doubling donations and has an 8,000 qair foot walk in cooler
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allowing to offer more fresh foods and it did not just have one ribbon cutting but six because other companies like cisco applied material skpdz sandisc also donated money to reno vailt vait the building. >> big thank you to t
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coming up new at 6:00 we investigate the background of an east bay man who shot, rather a man shot at an east bay chp officer. the i team paints a portrait of an angry young rebel. also back live to the democratic national convention and the move spoiling the party for thousands of obama supporters and a woman bought an expensive car and wasn't allowed to drive it. now, it's back to dan and cheryl. >> thank you, see you then. >> world news is coming up next. i'm cheryl jennings. >> and from all of


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